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We build technologies to improve patient’s journey all the way from the telemedicine appointment to recovery. From protecting sensitive information to unlocking the potential of data, BYSL Global fuels innovation through delivering the technology of the future.


Understanding the scale, implication, and potential of health data is key to shaping the future of healthcare

Innovation in healthcare heavily depends upon the purpose-built digitization and utilization of data while safeguarding the information flow and storage systems. Healthcare organizations must unlock and mobilize the enormous potential of data to maximize patient outcomes and mitigate physical burnout. From finance, to clinical systems, administrative processes, engaging with patients, to medical research, innovation is driven by the pace of digitization.

Major set-backs of the existinghealthcare system



True potential of health data remains undiscovered

For the most part, healthcare organizations have to deal with a massive scale of data that remains mostly unused due to lack of proper analytics and processing applications. Besides, due to not having quality metrics reporting, informed decisions are not made on various critical issues. Also the unstructured health data sets obstruct the right utilization of data through advanced processing of health and other records.

Need for optimization of systems through digitization

Operational optimization is key to delivering the best services without compromising quality, time and confidentiality. Healthcare industry, by type, is a heavily regulated one and compliance plays a big role in it. Optimization of operations while maintaining compliance is a big challenge for most organizations.

Unremarkable experience for clinicians & patients

Clinicians’ well-being and the patient experience are two major issues every healthcare organization deals with. Burned out physicians often prove to be difficult for patients and the overall healthcare experience. Apart from building a psychological safety net, there is a dire need for systemic efficacy through advanced communication and information processing solutions.

Insufficient tech support for medical research

Researchers need to access, analyze and store a gigantic volume of data for their works. They often have to use advanced tech like quantum computing, AI and ML to solve intricate problems while sharing their data with other collaborators across the globe. However, the gnawing scarcity of low-cost hi-tech solutions for such needs still persists today.


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