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Utilize innovative marketing solutions to scale

We enable businesses at any scale and provide a comprehensive SaaS platform for our partners so that they can make data-driven decisions and utilize opportunities to deliver marketing messages.


With increasing imposition of data privacy laws and shrunken scopes for consumer identifiers, conventional marketing technology has taken a blow. Amidst this crisis, companies are seeking new ways of activating customer data and reviewing the processes of sharing, collecting and enriching data in full compliance with various privacy laws. For marketers, the biggest challenges of this post-identifier age include reinvention of data collaboration, rebuilding the 1st-party data platform, advertising intelligence and platform, and customer experience while managing connectivity with a voluminous community of customers and partners.

With our advanced solutions, you keep up with the pace of innovation utilizing higher capabilities for analytics, compute, and ML in order to recreate the required data platform, advertising intelligence, customer experience and faster interoperability.

Problem and solution

Data access across platforms

Lack of affordable advanced database solutions

Difficulty in data interoperability and collaboration

Less innovation in bettering customer experience


Data access across platforms

Modern customers utilize a variety of channels and devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets), generating a plethora of data points along the way. This implies that marketers must access data from numerous sources to acquire a complete picture of a customer. A single data set will no longer give a comprehensive picture. If a marketer does not have information from the appropriate channel, they may be missing important details.


Using cloud-based solutions to recreate 1st-party data platform

Our cloud-based data solutions would benefit our partners by giving them access to all legit data points to receive data from multiple channels. Using our solutions our partners can engage with the customers at the right place, right device and at the right time. We provide solutions for customer data workload through offering quick set up options for data centers as well.

Access data from multiple channels

Different styles and scales of compute

Quick set up of data center

Low latency interactions


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